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Pat Murano launches new label Daksina

Replacing the prolific Kelippah, the new label reaches out to musical peers

Pat Murano of Decimus/No Neck Blues Band fame has shelved his Kelippah label. Releasing 14 LPs and numerous cassettes over a five year period, all of which were solo of collaborative projects by Murano, the artist decided to take some time out. “I definitely felt like I temporarily lost sight of why I make music in the first place. The grind of all those extra-musical aspects really drained the life out of me”, he explains.

“By the last few releases I was beginning to feel quite burnt out and disillusioned with the whole process. Distribution, promotion etc….nothing about it felt special anymore and so I stopped.”

Back in 2016 Murano released an eerie sounding selection of field recordings titled Morning And Evening Ragas. He explains: “In the time after my label activity ceased I started spending more time in the woods in upstate New York. Instead of worrying about recording records I was playing along with the outdoor sounds every morning and evening. It really helped me reestablish my relationship with music.”

He describes the new label, Daksina, as an “experiment in trying to keep the whole process more personal and direct”. Releases will be limited to 100 copies and housed in folded heavy card stock with art silkscreened by Alan Sherry at SIWA. The first two releases are from Tom Carter and Pat Murano with Ashvin and the 11th instalment in the Decimus Series Decimus 6. Forthcoming releases include two No Neck Blues Band LPs as well as work from a selection of other musicians who “are feeling similarly about the state of things”. Who those artists are is yet to be announced.

Ashvin and Decimus 6 are out now. Listen to an excerpt from the latter below.