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Decocooning Society is the theme of this year’s Heart Of Noise festival

Running from 30 May–2 June, it features Lee Gamble, Abul Mogard and DJ Katapila

The eighth edition of Austria’s Heart Of Noise festival happens in Innsbruck between 30 May–2 June. Themed Decocooning Society, its aim is to open “genre boundaries and filter bubbles, showing no larvae and no ugly swans, but the pond of butterflies in the garden of the paths that branch”.

The festival line-up includes Jlin, Godflesh, Juan Atkins, Alec Empire, Tim Hecker, Lee Gamble, Errorsmith, Pan Daijing, Klein, Bliss Signal, Abul Mogard, DJ Katapila, Arpanet, The Speaker featuring Valerio Tricoli, Pan Daijing & Werner Dafeldecker, K&K Kutin & Kohlberger, Tape Loops Orchestra, Kassel Jaeger, Rrose, Marc Baron, DJ Bleed, Ekin Fil, Pulverine, Zenial, Aaron Stadler, Lissie Rettenwander, Anma, Brttrkllr, and Christoph Fugenschuh.

Heart Of Noise takes place at various venues across the city. Tickets are available now starting at €8.