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Rock opera inspired by Bruce Haack premieres next week

Themed around the electronic composer’s concept albums, Jim Findlay's Electric Lucifer opens at New York’s The Kitchen on 9 January

Jim Findlay has written a rock opera based on albums of the late Canadian electronic musician Bruce Haack. Called Electric Lucifer, Findlay’s work reimagines Haack's solitary major label release The Electric Lucifer (Columbia,1970) and its 1978 follow-up The Electric Lucifer, Book II as a musical stage production. Findlay discovered Haack's psychedelic electronic experiments in the 1990s, sometime after the latter’s death in 1988. It was Haack's curiosity about technology, and the integration of humans and the machine, that struck a chord with him. “Plug it in, turn it on, see what happens. That sense of inquiry lies at the heart of both Bruce’s and my work,” he says.

Findlay’s opera incorporates a live band, new arrangements and additional original music by composer Philip White, plus choreography by Raja Feather Kelly, and video projection and scenography by Findlay and Jeff Sugg. Interdisciplinary artist Okwui Okpokwasili stars as Lucifer. Electric Lucifer runs from 9–13 January at New York City’s The Kitchen.

You can listen to Bruce Haack's 1970 album Electric Lucifer below: