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Lightning Bolt releasing live recordings from 2008

Lightning Bolt are releasing a vinyl album of tracks from 2008. Drummer/vocalist from the duo, Brian Chippendale, had been working through old material to post on Bandcamp (Lightning Bolt recently released a 20 minute track from 1997), and found he came up with 40 minutes of material. The two Brians (Chippendale and Gibson) then decided to release the material on LP instead of Bandcamp.

Chippendale writes: "This LP is a collection of cassette four track stuff that was mostly mixed back when it was played. I mix and take notes on maybe one out of every three or five practices as we go, if we have a good session. Occasionally a day is just amazing. Those recordings are just bookmarked in my brain forever... I think maybe Gibson had some fried equipment that gave ["King Candy"] a special sound in this specific recording. From there I mixed a few previously unmixed tapes from the same time period and found even cooler stuff."

There's no release date yet, but the record is being mastered this week. More details on the way here, and Chippendale's forum posts here.