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Laurel Halo heads five day Camp workshop in the Pyrenees

The electronic musician joins Chris Watson, Annea Lockwood, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Phill Niblock at a remote French resort

Camp, the not-for-profit project run by registered UK charity Fuse Art Space will again be presenting workshops with board and accommodation in the Pyrenees. Just announced is the five day residential workshop run by Laurel Halo from 17 July. The class will focus on electronic composition and production, with attendees studying writing, mixing, production approaches and development. Participants will work towards making a new piece of music by scoring silent films, among various other exercises.

Workshops so far announced are: Why Do Stuff? Approaching Sound & Music From The Outside with Eli Keszler & Rashad Becker (from 3 April); Deep Listening, Improvisation & Spatial Sound with Phill Niblock, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Lea Bertucci, Jorge Boehringer & Tim Shaw (from 10 April); Modern Composition with Gavin Bryars (from 15 May); Let Your Lone Ranger Ride with Bill Drummond (from 10 July); Art & Activism with Adbusters, Brandalism And Center For Political Beauty (from 31 July), and a few sessions on playwriting with John Burgess. Other workshops include Comedy Writing & Performance with Josie Long, Jonny Donahoe And John-Luke Roberts (from 4 September); and Video & Installation Art with Laure Prouvost (from 9 October).

Ecoacoustics with Annea Lockwood & Leah Barclay, as well as two Chris Watson sessions: Environmental Sound Recording and Field Recording: Red Deer Season have already sold out, although those still keen to attend are invited to put their names on a waiting list.

Full list of courses and more information can be found on