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Peter Strickland releasing Bohman Brothers album, plus feature film on psychotic foley artist

Filmmaker Peter Strickland is releasing the next album by the Bohman Brothers, along with a short film on the duo and his next feature film, Berberian Sound Studio, which tells the story of a psychotic foley artist.

Berberian Sound Studio stars Toby Jones, and includes an appearance by Adam and Jonathan Bohman among others. It will be screened for the first time on 28 June at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. More details on the film at the Warp films site here.

Strickland is also releasing the next Bohman Brothers album Back On the Streets on CD via his Peripheral Conserve label. Strickland says: "As always, due to practicalities it's a very limited edition. I have no creative involvement – am very happy to let Adam and Jonathan do what they do."

Back On the Streets contains mostly spoken word pieces, is produced by Panos Ghikas from The Chap, and the artwork (pictured above) is by Milán Kovač. The introduction is written by Jozef Cseres (who plays one of the foley artists in Berberian). There's also a short film coming out on the Bohman Brothers which will be out around August. More details on Strickland's site here.