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Digging The Global South kicks off in November

Following its 2017 Night Of Surprise, Stadtgarten will host a festival of electronic music from Africa and the African diaspora

Cologne’s three day Digging The Global South festival begins in November. It not only focuses on electronic music from Africa and the African diaspora; it also explores the music’s means of production, distribution and reception in a digital age via a series of concerts, a club night and talks with labels, journalists and musicians who mediate between African music scenes and a European audience.

“It is breathtaking how the current hype around African music – like the sophisticated Western market’s hunger for art from ‘outside the crystal palace’ in general – coincides with stricter immigration regimes and the resurgence of reactionary concepts of cultural identity,” states Digging The Global South curator Thomas Gläßer. “There seems to be a strong yearning for an outside world beyond our saturated and hyper-commodified culture, beyond its simultaneous stagnation and dizzying pace, its anxiety and isolated individuality – but it won’t be satisfied on a symbolic level only.”

The festival line-up includes Klein, Benjamin Noys, DJ Marfox, DJ Lag, Don’t DJ aka Florian Meyer, Elsa M’Bala, C-Drik, FAKA, Luka Guindo, Lukas Ligeti, Maha El Nabawi, Mahmoud Refat, Moor Mother, Rough Americana, and many more.

Digging The Global South takes over Cologne’s Stadtgarten and Studio 672 from 2–4 November.