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Kate Carr releases USB album of nuclear power plant recordings

Kate Carr trailers a new album of French nuclear power plant recordings on Bandcamp

Belfast artist Kate Carr is set to release an album based on a series of recordings made in the flooded wetlands surrounding a nuclear power plant in Marnay-sur-Seine, France. Called I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring, the album will be released on an USB stick through her Sydney based label Flaming Pines. It’ll come inside a tin case designed to reflect the lead-lined carry cases used to dispose of nuclear waste. The project was inspired by Carr’s chance discovery of the site during a visit to Nogent-sur-Seine rail station. The release features recordings using hydrophones, which were affected by the electromagnetism of the electricity towers. Carr explains, “The first is a straight recording of wetlands under the massive power towers running from the nuclear plant to the town. “Mooring Chains” is a set of contact mic recordings of boat mooring chains scraping against the river bed, the final field recording is taken just outside the perimeter excluding the public from the nuclear plant, the hum is the sound of the plant itself.”

I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring will be released on 15 November. You can read the extensive sleevenotes and order the album on the Flaming Pines Bandcamp page.