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David Tudor’s Rainforest V installed in New York

Composers Inside Electronics have installed Tudor's self-running installation at Broadway 1602 until 4 March

Composers Inside Electronics artists John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein and Matt Rogalsky have installed David Tudor's Rainforest V at Broadway 1602 gallery in New York. Following Tudor’s death in 1996, Composers Inside Electronics continued to perform the Rainforest installation, which in 2009 became Rainforest V – a self-running installation created for Arte Alameda in Mexico City. This version of the site-specific piece runs until 4 March.

The first version of Rainforest was conceived by Tudor following a commission from the choreographer Merce Cunningham in 1968. 140 performances ran as part of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company Repertory, and in 1973 Tudor invited other artist to collaborate on the project, leading to the sound sculpture and installation Rainforest IV.

Talking about the piece to Teddy Hilberg in 1988, Tudor explained: “The idea is that if you send sound through materials, the resonant nodes of the materials are released and those can be picked up by contact microphones or phono cartridges [...] It becomes like a reflection and it makes, I thought, quite a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere, because wherever you move in the room, you have reminiscences of something you have heard at some other point in the space.”

More information and opening times here.