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California's Ghost Ship operators jailed for manslaughter

Max Harris and Derick Almena sentenced following the fire that killed 36 people during a gig at the Oakland warehouse

Oakland based arts warehouse creative director Max Harris and leaseholder Derick Almena have been jailed for 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, reports Resident Advisor. One of the exits for the warehouse had been blocked, with the pair pleading no contest at the case brought by the Alameda County District Attorney. Almena faces 12 years, with nine in custody and three under supervision, while Harris is expected to serve six in custody and four under supervision.

But the Ghost Ship fire case isn’t over yet. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, “The lawsuit filed by families of the victims contends that Pacific Gas and Electric Co, the warehouse landlord, the city of Oakland and numerous other entities also bear responsibility.”

The Bay Area warehouse caught fire on 2 December 2016. Three of the eight musicians in the line-up that night had released music on Britt Brown and Amanda Kramer's label 100% Silk, two of whom were killed in the blaze – Chelsea Faith Dolan aka Cherushii and Johnny Igaz aka Nackt.