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Earth announce new album and share single

Full Upon Her Burning Lips is released on 24 May by Sargent House

Dylan Carlson and Adrienne Davies are back with a new Earth release. Full Upon Her Burning Lips follows 2014's Primitive and Deadly, and has the core duo take up their usual positions of Carlson on guitar and bass and Adrienne Davies on drums and percussion.

The album, Carlson says, was developed “organically”, stating, “I limited the number of effects I used. I always like the limiting of materials to force oneself to employ them more creatively. Previous Earth records were quite lush sounding, and I wanted a more upfront and drier sound, using very few studio effects.”

Talking of Davies's input, he notes, “I really wanted the drums to be present. I felt with previous Earth records that other instrumentation took up so much of the sonic space that the drums were kind of pushed to the side.”

Songs like “Cats On The Briar” and “Mandrake’s Hymn” were part-written during downtime on their 2017 tour, while “Descending Belladonna” came from a live soundtrack project.

“I feel like this is the fullest expression and purest distillation of what Earth does since I re-started the band,” Carlson confirms.

As well as news of the album, Carlson has announced he'll be launching a solo European tour.

Full Upon Her Burning Lips is released on 24 May via Sargent House. Listen to “Cats On The Briar” below.