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Tape loop project features 120 artists

Jeremy Young's Chants Beneath podcast features 120 artists working on 120 loops, including Tom Carter, Yan Jun, Crys Cole, John Chantler

The fourth edition of Jeremy Young’s Chants Beneath podcast has gone live. Described as “a living archive of cassette tape loops” the mass project entails 120 artists each reworking different looped sections of a drone track. Speaking about the inspiration for the project, Young says: ”The initial piece was recorded in London as an improvisation for a 1963 Heathkit Signal Generator with feedback manipulation. When I went back into the piece a year or so later, I thought it should be presented, instead of as one extended drone, as an artist edition of 120 endless loops, uniquely spliced out of different sections of the piece.”

The large scale project has set a target of ten tracks to be released monthly, with the list of musicians and artists set to contribute including Tom Carter, Yan Jun, crys cole, John Chantler, Christopher Tignor, Astral Social Club, Knut Aufermann, Greg Fox, Kathy Hinde, Giuseppi Ielasi, Dylan Nyoukis, Janek Schaefer, Chuck Bettis, Daniel Menche, Antoine Läng, MV Carbon, Yannick Franck, Simon Whetham, Nicholas Szczepanik and many more. “I just started seeking artists that would want to swap a copy of the unique tape edition, an artwork in and of itself (custom hand cut loops, gold letterpress text and black ink-dropped painting on the sleeve design) for a commission to create new work, and it spiralled out of control. The only goal I ever had was to design a model for a non-commercial platform which catalyses both the creation of new sonic work, and also exists as a way for audiences to listen to it.”

You can listen to the tracks via the Chants Beneath website or download as a podcast via iTunes. The latest edition features new work by artists Antoine Läng, Stephanie Loveless, Rachael Finney, Mike Shiflet, Natalie Chami, My Cat Is An Alien, and others. Young will also appear alongside Janek Schaefer in a collaborative improvisation session at Café Oto on 9 March.