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French sound poet Bernard Heidsieck dies

French sound poet Bernard Heidsieck has died. Heidsieck, born in 1928, combined his career as a deputy manager of a Parisian bank with his work as a poet, where he brought spoken word together with a wide range of recorded material. In the mid 50s Heidsieck started performing his Poèmes-Partitions pieces, which used typographical spacing to guide his performances. He began to use the tape recorder in the 1960s, often performing live against a pre-recorded backdrop. In 1976 he organised the first International Festival Of Sound Poetry in Paris, and later, the Polyphonix festival of performance and sound poetry, along with the journals Sound Poetry and Action Poetry. Heidsieck believed in poetry as an active discipline that should be “on its feet”, and aimed to, in his own words, “animate our mechanical and technocratic age by recapturing mystery and breath”.