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Dirty Electronics hosts Dartington Summer School

John Richards is taking his Dirty Electronics instrument building workshop to Dartington for the duration of its summer school. The summer school runs for five weeks, and Richards has been commissioned to construct a piece that exists at Dartington for the duration, as well as hosting a week long Dirty Electronics workshop.

Richards hasn't finalised his plans yet, but says: "I want to work against the tranquil and picturesque setting of Dartington. At various points throughout the summer school a short, very loud noise or sound will interrupt the rural soundscape, as a kind of soundmark."

Instruments Richards plans to build in the week long workshop include Light And Feathers, an instrument built from ostrich feathers, motors and movers; Hug, a piece for coloured noise and portable amps worn by performers, and a kinetically powered handheld synth. No knowledge of electronics or previous experience at building musical devices is needed, and anyone attending gets to keep their instruments. More info here. Devon Dartington Hall, 28 July–4 August.

John Richards's Dirty Electronics Mute synth was featured in a Bite in The Wire 335.