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Lasse Marhaug starts Personal Best fanzine

Lasse Marhaug has started a fanzine titled Personal Best. The zine includes interviews with Bruce Russell, C Spencer Yeh, Daniel Menche, Sissy Spacek, Oren Ambarchi, Arcn Templ and others, and is born of Marhaug's fatigue with interesting material being increasingly published online instead of in print.

Marhaug is aiming to publish two issues per year of the fanzine, which looks and feels more like a magazine, produced in A4 with a full colour cover. He says "I call it a fanzine because I don't consider myself a journalist. The interviews are all with people I know and like, presented in raw form. So it might look like a magazine, but the mentality is that of a fanzine. Perhaps you could call it a friend-zine."

Personal Best is the second publication from Marhaug Forlag (the first was a book on Sudden Infant). A launch party for Personal Best #1 will take place at Oslo Torpedo bookshop on 8 December. More info, and samples of the Personal Best #1 here.


What a pity ! A such beautiful Zine devoted to such poor artists !

Christian Renou

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