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Copenhagen club night calls for new music made at 10 bpm

An open call has been announced for new music made at a really slow tempo

Composer and founding member of the percussive ensemble G-Bop Orchestra (featured in The Wire 390 for subscribers), Greta Eacott has put out an open call for music that plays at 10 bpm. “If I make a dance club with music at 10 bpm will anybody come? What will it sound like? Can I dance to it? Will it be enjoyable?” asks Eacott, who aims to play all the submissions at a nightclub in Copenhagen soon.

The call out reads: “We are looking for dance music producers / interested persons to make some music at 10 bpm for out inaugural 10 bpm dance club happening at the end of September 2017 in Copenhagen. Tracks don’t need to be ‘finished’, or of any particular length. Everything is welcome & will be put to the dance-floor. Only restriction is please keep to our strict 10 bpm policy. The night will last for as long as we have music for ; )”

Submission deadline is 25 September. For more information you can email Eacott or visit the Tumblr. And to get you in the mood, this is what 10 bpm sounds like: