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Experimental jazz vocalist Linda Sharrock announces triple album

Experimental jazz vocalist Linda Sharrock announces triple album via Manchester label Golden Lab

US vocalist Linda Sharrock has announced her first major release of studio material since her work with Austrian electronic musician Wolfgang Puschnig and others in the 1990s. Sharrock is best known for her distinctive and adventurous collaborations with former husband, guitarist Sonny Sharrock, on 1969’s Black Woman, 1970’s Monkey-Pockie-Boo and 1975’s Paradise.

Sharrock kept a low profile after suffered a debilitating stroke in 2009 but returned to action with 2014’s part-live, part-studio release No Is No: Don’t Fuck Around With Your Women on Improvising Beings, as well as a series of live performances.

Credited to Linda Sharrock/The Abyssity Of The Grounds and released as a limited edition of 300 triple vinyl sets by Manchester label Golden Lab, Gods additionally features Theresa Eipeldauer (voice), Mario Rechtern (soprano, alto, baritone, saxoline and voice), Max Bogner (guitar, electronics and voice) and Didi Kern (drums). Rechtern also wrote the sleevenotes.

“I was gobsmacked to receive an invitation on Facebook to a performance by Linda Sharrock,” says Golden Lab founder Nick Mitchell. “Especially as it was in the back room of a tiny Sheffield pub and the entrance fee was only a fiver. Just seemed too incongruous with the general drabness of cultural life in the north of England. Anyway, I went and there were only around 30 people there, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, dependent on your perspective. It was magical. Linda was in such powerful form. Her voice lurched forward over and over again until it finally soared like an air raid siren. Charlie Collins (ex-Clock DVA guy) who I know through Jon Marshall (Singing Knives) was there playing drums with her. I talked to him after the show and said, ‘If there are any recordings from the tour, I would love to put them out.’

“That came to nothing,” he continues, “but, recently, Linda's sax player Mario Rechtern contacted Jon Marshall about releasing some new studio recordings on Singing Knives. Jon didn’t have the funding to do it and, so, referred Mario to me and we picked it up from there. The email dialogue alone has been kinda transitory, because Mario writes in this quasi-mythological style with English as a second language. It’s a very psychedelic conversation and hard to keep track. Even getting the name of the band and the title of the record has been a challenge, but it’s an amazing trip and really just an extension of the way he and the rest of the group play.

"Linda’s voice is incredibly prominent on the record, which I know has been a key question on the minds of interested parties. Post-stroke, she is of course exploring a different range and style, but, I guess, much like Robert Wyatt was transported into an unexplored musical realm as a result of forces against his will, Linda is now in the thick of this rich, scattergun swarm of sound that bores into your brain and does not allow you to escape it for a single second of listening. And that's a whole two hours across these three discs. I'm, of course, beyond honoured to be able to play a part in putting this music out into the world.”

Gods will be released in February 2016 and is available to pre-order now from