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Heather Leigh, Bruce Russell, Richard Youngs and more lined up for David Keenan's Alice Zinc label

As announced a few months ago, Wire writer David Keenan has a new label. It is called Alice Zinc and will be cassette only, releasing music representing what Keenan calls a "radically deconstructed tongue". There will be no digital releases, and each will be produced in an edition of 77, with risograph inserts and hand stamped credits.

The first release on the label is a solo guitar album by Heather Leigh called Me-Ba, and Keenan says that: "hearing this total rethink of the possibilities of the six string guitar, with no parallel in terms of what contemporary female instrumentalists are doing, is what inspired me to start a label". Other releases are confirmed from Bruce Russell of The Dead C, Borbetomagus's Donald Miller, an official release of one of Richard Youngs's Christmas albums, plus some as yet undisclosed reissues.

Details of the first release here.