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Saul Williams set to release new album MartyrLoserKing

The rapper, poet, activist and actor Saul Williams is set to release a new album on Fader

The rapper, musician and activist Saul Williams is set to release his first album since 2011's Volcanic Sunlight on Sony. Called MartyrLoserKing, it is being marketed as a concept album based around a central character living in Burundi who hacks under the alias MartyrLoserKing. The album was announced earlier this year with the release of the track “All Coltrane Solos At Once (feat Haleek Maul)” via Soundcloud, which was accompanied by an essay described by Williams as “an annotated middle finger” to a system that doesn’t look after the best interests of the majority. He explains, “What is the perspective of those who ‘#staywoke’, who resist? It is a mixture of seeing through the lies and deception used to keep common folk, the non-questioning/active participants, in a state that defeats the commoner with hopes of one day entering the elitist one per cent while killing unions and widening the wealth gap, and the desire to engage more people to speak up and out against the powers that be.”

Two videos from the album are up online: “Burundi” and its sequel “Horn Of The Clock-Bike”

MartyrLoserKing will be released on 29 January 2016 by Fader and Caroline International. He will also be touring various cities in the US throughout November and December.