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Unconscious Archives Festival launches in London this September

Event series Unconscious Archives has announced its first festival in London

Unconscious Archives will host its first festival this year. The project, which was founded in 2011 by Sally Golding to explore the dialogue between audiovisual and sound art, will present a ten day event and accompanying exhibition. Run in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum London, it has a special Austrian focus.

The exhibition, called Emotion + Tech(no)body, features Audrey Samson, Benedict Drew, Stephen Cornford, Graham Dunning, Christine Schörkhuber, Ulla Rauter, Reni Hofmüller and others, and it runs from 20 September–17 November; a live event called Compositional Constructs takes place at London’s Cafe Oto on 24 September, featuring Myriam Bleau, Mariska de Groot, Leafcutter John and Dawid Liftinger; Haptic Somatic at Corsica Studio on 28 September features Ziúr, Yaxu, Phantom Chips, Spatial, Laurie Tompkin, Marta Forsberg, Billy Roisz, dieb13 and Chloe Frieda. In addition, Close-Up Film Centre will present Narrativize on 30 September featuring film, digital arts, performances and Q&As including Esperanza Collado, Jörg Piringer, James Holcombe, Secluded Bronte Trio with Jonathan Bohman, Adam Bohman and Richard Thomas, and Hannah Catherine Jones aka Foxy Moron.

“This is the first time Unconscious Archives are operating on such a large scale, growing from single events to three key events,” states festival director-producer Golding. “I founded it when I moved to London from Australia after co-running OtherFilm Festival there. Originally UA was more dedicated to exploring the dialogue between expanded cinema and sound art – through performances by artists working in either programmed on the same night. It's evolved to not be so focussed around expanded cinema/live av – rather to focus on 'liveness' and emphasis performativity in AV and sound art/experimental music.”

Tickets can be found at the Unconscious Archives website.