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Duke Ellington Jazz Orchestra formed by University of East Anglia

The University of East Anglia is putting together a new orchestra, the Duke Ellington Jazz Orchestra, which will focus on playing Duke Ellington work and building on Ellington's methods of collective improvisation. This will include performances of pieces for which no transcription exists, with initial plans to perform Black, Brown And Beige.

Dr Vic Hobson, from the University of East Anglia's school of music says: "We know from reports of people who sat in on rehearsals of the Ellington orchestra that the compositions and arrangements were arrived at collectively and much of the playing was improvised. Each member of the orchestra brought their own unique musical voice.

"Whilst playing note-for-note transcriptions is a good starting point, and quite a challenge in itself, I would like to see if we can use this orchestra as a way of exploring these compositional, arranging and improvisational processes."

Auditions start this week, with the first rehearsal on 4 October. The first concert is scheduled for 11 November at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich. Fore more information head here.