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Yoshimio and Ikue Mori collaborate on Twindrums project in New York

This December Yoshimio and Ikue Mori will perform their Twindrums project at Roulette in Brooklyn, New York

Yoshimio and Ikue Mori will perform their collaborative project Twindrums at Roulette in Brooklyn in December. Yoshimio, who is a longtime member of Boredoms as well as the founder of her own group OOIOO, will provide vocals for the New York based drummer and composer Ikue Mori. Since the pair first met in the 1980s in Boredoms’ home city of Osaka, Japan, they have collaborated on various projects. They started Twindrums in Brooklyn in 2013, but they initially performed under that banner in Japan the following year. Their sound is described by Roulette as “Electric jungle. Enigmatic noise. Tribal resonante”. Twindrums will take place at Roulette, Brooklyn, on 9 December.

More information can be found on the Roulette website. Yoshimio was the cover star of The Wire 365 and Ikue Mori joined Zeena Parkins on the cover of The Wire 248.