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Her Noise launch online archive

The Her Noise project, started by Lina Džuverović and Anne Hilde Neset (contributing editor at The Wire), has launched an online archive. It includes video and audio recordings of interviews, talks and performances, plus images of Kim Gordon, Lydia Lunch, Christina Kubisch, Diamanda Galas, Else Marie Pade, Kaffe Matthews, Christina Carter, Chicks On Speed, Peaches, Erase Errata and others.

The archive also includes Her Noise's six part radio series for Resonance FM which was broadcast in 2005, and the Her Noise map, an incomplete sprawling diagram of a network of female artists and musicians (a crop from the original pictured above, hi-res at the link). 

The site will also be hosting guest curated essays, recordings and videos, starting with contributions from philosopher and Wire writer Nina Power, sound artist Ain Bailey, plus musician and composer Tara Rodgers, and also contains a large bibliography.


My knees shook. My palms sweat. But reality trumped hesitanceand fear. The freezer was crammed with things intended. Pie crusts. Sunday roasts. But mostly the huge piece of pork belly supplied by a fellow pig lover who thought I would enjoy a bit of play.

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