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Kickstarter campaign to fund Cuban international festival Manana

Cuba’s first international music festival bringing together Afro-Cuban folkloric music and the international electronic music community starts Kickstarter campaign

A kickstarter campaign has been set up to help fund an international music festival in Cuba. Called Manana, it aims to create a dialogue between Afro-Cuban folkloric music and the international electronic music community. The festival is scheduled to take place in May 2016 at the five venue Heredia Complex in Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba. Artists already confirmed include dubstep producer Mala and Puerto Rican group Grupo IFÉ. Alongside performances, Manana also aims to to deliver a programme of music workshops, seminars and talks covering a range of subjects such as recording, production, promotion and distribution. Manana is a non-profit organisation that grew out of a collaboration between UK born Harry Follett and Cuban hiphop artist Alain Garcia Artola. “Manana is about creating a musical legacy that lives long beyond the festival,” declare its co-founders. “With the end of the US embargo in sight, these are incredibly exciting but fragile times in Cuba’s history. Our goal is to provide Cubans with the necessary tools and technical knowledge to reconnect with the wider world on their own terms, while also giving the electronic music community the opportunity to learn from Cuban masters who have spent a lifetime refining their artistic skill.”

Manana will take place between 4–6 May 2016. International ticket sales will be capped at 500. You can buy a ticket, and/or pledge for T-shirts, records and Manana merch, at Manana’s Kickstarter page.