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UbuWeb Opens New Branch: Electronic Music Resource

UbuWeb has opened up a new branch of its site covering rare and historical material documenting technical aspects of electronic and experimental sound creation. Custodian of the Electronic Music Resource, Michael Johnsen, says: “Regrettably, most previous treatments of electronic music have tended to shy away from the details of the medium itself. In hopes of rendering the subject palatable they have removed much of its flavour.”

Initial additions putting the flavour back into the discussion include Daphne Oram’s An Individual Note: Of Music Sound And Electronics, audio interviews with Ralph Jones and John Driscoll, all seven issues of journal Electronic Music Review, plus collections of patent documents tracing the invention of methods and machines for creating sounds. An update is planned within the next few months, with a section devoted to optical sound methods.

The site is seeking submissions on instrument design, performance methods, and graphic scores, although tutorials and schematics will not be covered. Head here, or email