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Multimedia artist Paul Rooney releases new album

Watch the full-length video for his Futile Exorcise track “Lost High Street”

Multimedia artist Paul Rooney is about to release his first new album since 2000's On The Closed Circuit and his 2007 single “Lucy Over Lancashire”. Called Futile Exorcise, it showcases the short stories, urban myths and more compiled by Rooney through his video, sound and spoken word works, and it includes collaborations with Gregory Cox and Lutine, among others. “I am now going to spend all my time mainly making music for records rather than for gallery spaces,” declares Rooney. “This release has especially written material and material that has previously been made over the last few years for video soundtracks (like “Lost High Street”), or installations, but this material has been thoroughly revamped for the record.

“All of the album tracks have an unstable, absurd revenant narrative within them,” he continues, “whether it is traditional songs about ghosts revisiting lovers/mothers, or my own songs about ghosts playing poker with Satan, haunting toilets or possessing trumpet spit valve saliva. The everyday, and the absurdity of the artistic attempt to fix it in amber, was always a concern with my Rooney songs and my art works, and it still is, though now the everyday world of this new record is an uncanny, haunted one.”

Watch a video for the remix version of “Lost High Street” – a 2008 commission from The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. It features a tourist video shot from an open-top tour bus in Edinburgh circa 1987, with Rooney narrating a tale of misplaced memories.

Futile Exorcise will be released by Owd Scrat on transparent vinyl and in digital format in April. We originally screened an excerpt of the video back in 2010 and the artist was the subject of a Julian Cowley article in The Wire 311. Subscribers can read that via Exact Editions.