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Brian Eno commissioned to make soothing sounds for London A&E

Brian Eno is designing acoustic environments for Chelsea and Westminster hospital's A&E department. Eno is volunteering to refine the acoustics and possibly record sound for the A&E, along with other artists who will create new visual and sonic features for the ward.

Eno said: “Music can be designed to help improve the atmosphere and environment for people going through difficult times...I don’t go to hospital much myself, but on visiting, I thought, this is really the way we should be thinking about hospital."

The £10million redevelopment aims to create a more soothing environment that is less frightening to distressed patients, working on the same technique used in burns wards to distract patients from pain and reduce the administering of painkillers.

[Hat Tip: Evening Standard]


A very good idea. I think Mr Eno has done something similar before.

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