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New films: The New Punks and The Great American Cassette Masters

Talk Story Films release two new William Davenport documentaries: The New Punks and The Great American Cassette Masters

Film maker William Davenport has made two documentary films about a generation of musicians and artists who emerged out of the 1980s punk scene. One, called The New Punks, documents the progression of noise and industrial music, and it features footage and conversations with artists including GX Jupitter-Larsen of The Haters, Sue Ann Harkey of Audio Leter, Borbetomagus’s Jim Sauter and Donald Dietrich, Negativland’s Mark Hosler, Peter Conheim and Don Joyce, Beth Custer of Club Foot Orchestra, and more. The other, The Great American Cassette Masters, focuses on the DIY cassette culture that sprang up in the early 1980s, with contributions from DAS of Big City Orchestra, Zan Hoffman, Don Campau of The Living Archive Of Underground Music, Debbe Jaffe of Cause And Effect and Master Slave Relationship, Joel Haertling of Architects Office, and more.

“The films were inspired by the magazine I published from 1983–87 called Unsound,” explains Davenport. “The series is about the longevity of the creative process, as well as about how these creators paved the way for the following generations. Before the internet and at the beginning of desktop publishing, they created magazines, fanzines, flyers, custom LP and cassettes packages. I did not want to make films about the nostalgic past, but to focus on musicians and artists that have continued today.”

The series will be concluded by a third and final film, currently being edited, called Memories Of Music. More information on The New Punks and The Great American Cassette Masters can be found at the Talk Story Films website.