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AGF starts photo pool for female producers and electronic musicians

Antye Greie-Ripatti has created a Tumblr, posting images of women at the controls

Electronic music producer and vocalist Antye Greie-Ripatti aka AGF has started a Tumblr documenting female producers working in their studios.

At time of writing the Female Pressure Tumblr has over 300 entries, inspired by Björk’s January 2015 Pitchfork interview in which she discusses the frustrations of being a woman in the music industry, commenting that the lack of photographic evidence of her working solo in the studio might be one of the reasons why her work is repeatedly miscredited by journalists.

The Tumblr is part of the Female:Pressure network: an international collective of more than 1400 female electronic music producers that aims to challenge the under-representation of women working in the electronic music scene. Talking about the photographs on the Tumblr, Greie-Ripatti says: “I am sick of a bunch of things… the visual representation of women and this ‘one woman in the club’ thing... Here we offer a visual catalogue of female producers, DJs, media artists and electronic music performers at work. These are not our press photos. This is a collective effort to demonstrate women and their use of technology in music and media production.”

The Female: Pressure Tumblr is open for submissions.Head here for more information.