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Musica Sanae explores the intersection of sound and medicine

Over the course of three international festivals, musicians, performers, researchers and theorists examine the health effects of new ways of hearing

The research based arts project Musica Sanae has invited 40 musicians, performers, researchers and theorists to present works spread over three separate events in Italy, Poland and Germany investigating how new ways of hearing interact with notions of hygiene, well-being and mental health.

Musica Sanae’s operations begin at Naples’ La Digestion Festival (3-4 May), and then continue at Sokolowsko, Poland’s Sanatorium Of Sound Festival (16–18 August) and NK, Berlin (15–16 November).

The Naples programme includes lectures by Davide Borelli and Michal Libera; lecture performances by Erik Bünger and Luciano Chessa; film screenings curated by Rafaella Morra; an installation by Lucio Capece & Gerard Lebik, and performances by Fis, Inconsolable Ghost, Eks, CM von Hausswolff, Felicia Atkinson, Okkyung Lee, Croatian Amor and more.

Other participants through the year include Felicia Atkinson, Rashad Becker, Tiziana Bertoncini and Ziúr.

For more details you can visit their website.