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Dan Melchior to release album dedicated to his wife

North Carolina based Brit, Dan Melchior, is set to release an album dedicated to his wife, Letha Rodman Melchior who is currently battling with cancer. The album, due out 11 September on the Northern Spy label, is titled The Backward Path.

The album features collaborations with C Spencer Yeh, Circuit Des Yeax’s Haley L Fohr, Un Das Menace’s Anthony Allman, Ela Orleans and Zs’s Sam Hillmer. Northern Spy is planning to donate all the profits from the sale of the first pressing of the album to Letha’s increasing health care costs.

You can buy The Backward Path here. To send donations directly to Letha click here or for tax-deductible donations by credit card you can use the Jump Arts site here. To check the first single from the album, "Night Comes In", click here.