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Joseph Byrd pieces recorded by American Contemporary Music Ensemble

Recordings of works by Joseph Byrd, student of Morton Feldman and John Cage and frontman for The United States Of America, are being released by the American Contemporary Music Ensemble via New World Records.

Byrd collaborated with a number of Fluxus artists in the 1960s, and also formed Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies, recording psych-rock album The American Metaphysical Circus in 1969.

This release, Joseph Byrd NYC 1960–1963, recorded by contemporary music ensemble ACME, includes new recordings of "Animals", "Loops And Sequences" (written for Charlotte Moorman), "Water Music" (written for Max Neuhaus), "Four Sound*Poems" (each of which is dedicated to a woman from the experimental art scene at the time), plus "String Trio, Densities I".

Joseph Byrd NYC 1960–1963 is released via New World Records on 5 February. Listen to "Animals" below.