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From Turkish psychedelia to crime fiction

The Wire contributors Daniel Spicer, Tony Rettman, Philip Freeman and Rob Young all have new books in the pipeline

A number of Wire contributors are publishing new books in the coming months. Daniel Spicer’s The Turkish Psychedelic Music Explosion: Anadolu Psych 1965–1980 (Repeater) tells the story of the Turkish musical movement that was brought to an end during a right wing coup in 1980. This month also sees the publication of Tony Rettman’s Straight Edge: A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History (Bazillion Points). Meanwhile longtime Wire contributor Philip Freeman has just published his first crime cum music novel Fifty Foot Drop. Finally, Contributing Editor Rob Young’s long awaited biography of Can is set to be published by Faber in early 2018 – he remembers the late Holger Czukay, who died in September, in The Wire 405.