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Ecstatic Peace Library celebrates the publication of MUSICS (1975-79)

1970s DIY culture journal will be subject of the showcase at Red Gallery in London

To mark the publication of DIY improv and experimental music journal Musics (1975–79) in September last year, The Red Gallery has collaborated with Thurston Moore and Eva Prinz and their Ecstatic Peace Library imprint to host two events and an exhibition.

Musics (1975–79) brings together all 33 issues of the London zine for improvisors which, released six times a year between 1975–79, reported on sound art, field recording, free improvisation, live electronics, composition and audio culture. Originally launched in spring 1975, its first tagline said “an impromental experivisation arts magazine”. The zine featured artists including Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, John Zorn, David Toop, John Russell, The Feminist Improvising Group, Bob Cobbing, ICP, Martin Davidson, Madelaine Davidson, Annabel Nicolson, Han Bennink, Eddie Prévost, David Cunningham, Steve Beresford and others.

Red Gallery will be presenting original Musics artwork in an exhibition set to run between 7–16 July. On 6 July a special performance will include an improvised concert with Thurston Moore and Musics editors and musicians David Toop and Steve Beresford, plus other live and DJ performances. Moore plus guests will also perform on 9 July.