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Tokyo Tower Wax Museum closing: Future uncertain for Zappa, Göttsching, and Faust waxworks

Tokyo Tower's Wax Museum is closing on 1 September, putting an end to Japan's most impressive collection of krautrock waxworks. The museum is shutting its doors as its contract with the Tokyo Tower's owners is up and will not be renewed, as the 55 year old structure is going to be refurbished.

Displays include an expansive Manuel Göttsching exhibit, complete with a waxwork of the E2-E4 composer and an array of memorabilia. The museum also has wonky waxworks of Klaus Schulze, Faust and Frank Zappa, plus Da Vinci's The Last Supper, and Japanese astronauts.

The bias is a result of the museum's krautrock crazy owner, Gen Fujita, the millionnaire son of Den Fujita (Japan's Alan Sugar equivalent, who brought McDonald's to the country). The displays are largely made up of his personal collections, although it's not known what will happen to the homeless waxworks once the museum has closed.

Alan Cummings was kind enough to translate some Twitter reactions for us: "What a blow! Where now for the waxworks of Zappa, Keith Emerson, Manuel Göttsching, Ian Anderson and the two guys from Faust?" with one user commenting: "It was a chaotic establishment, with waxworks of Ash Ra Tempel and prog rockers next to scenes of Edo period torture. I'll miss it."

But all is not lost for the experimental music fan and waxwork tourist, as Ryuichi Sakamoto has been granted a place next to Madonna and Michael Jackson in the recently opened Tokyo branch of Madame Tussauds.

An official announcement on the closing of Tokyo Tower Wax Museum is in Japanese here.

(Thanks to Keiko Yoshida)


We loved your Wax Museum it is a pity when you have to close. We will miss you and thank you for your 55 years of entertainment. We could be interested in some of your Wax Figures.
Kind regards.

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