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Clipping issue disturbing new video for "Back Up"

Anna Zlokovic’s clip features milk-addicted adult babies

US noise-rap trio Clipping have shared the unsettling new video for “Back Up” (from 2016’s Wriggle EP) featuring Antwon and Signor Benedick The Moor.

“Through the perspective of an unnamed film maker, we stumble upon an accidental and horrifying discovery,” explains director Anna Zlokovic. “What begins as a curious exploration of an abandoned warehouse quickly devolves into the uncovering and filming of an underground, cult-like society - one where adults have baby faces and milk is the drug of choice.”

The clip was shot at Los Angeles venue The Smell, famed as a hub for DIY groups such as No Age, Abe Vigoda and HEALTH. The club is now scheduled for demolition; regular visitors Clipping are among those currently campaigning to save it.

Clipping begin their North America tour this week. For dates and details visit their website