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Wire contributor Ken Hollings uncages new cassette

Wire contributor Ken Hollings will release a cassette on the Berlin based tape label The Tapeworm.

Wire contributor Ken Hollings will release a cassette on the London based tape label The Tapeworm. Called Works For Magnetic Tape, it features three texts read by Hollings, two of which include sonic backgrounds composed by Mark Pilkington and 808 State’s Graham Massey. The opening text is “There Must Be Something Wrong With This, Sally”, which Hollings adapted from a piece first published in MIT Press’s Leonardo Electronic Almanac in 2014. The second track, “Ideas Are One Thing, And What Happens Is Another”, was edited and mixed by Massey. (Hollings and Massey were both members of the 1980s group Biting Tongues.) The title is taken from a John Cage quote, and the piece itself was originally commissioned as part of a performance celebrating Cage’s centenary in 2012. The concluding track “Parasitic Infestation” is a recording of Hollings’s launch party reading of the essay he contributed toThe Art Of Worms, a book about The Tapeworm’s cover art. It’s included here “in memory of a remarkable evening”, says Hollings. You can read the text for "Parasitic Infestation" here.

The Tapeworm plans to release the cassette in October; in the meantime, a new release from Mark Van Hoen is out at the end of August, as well as one by Mark Fell with Rhodri Davies and Okkyung Lee.