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Compilation Planned And Campaign Launched To Support Labels Affected By PIAS Fire

The fire at the SonyDADC warehouse, used by indie distributor PIAS, has left many small labels with severely depleted stock, some reporting losses of 90%. In reaction to this, and to help prevent smaller labels going under, a campaign called Label Love has been launched.

As part of the response to the fire, and in collaboration with Label Love, Adrian Mules (@adge_uk) is planning to put together and release a compilation of material by those affected. Mules says: "What I'm trying to do is work alongside the Label Love events to pull together a download compilation album from the labels affected by the riots. In the short term the aim is to raise awareness and money. In the longer term the aim is to promote those labels and hopefully provide ongoing stability from new listeners who discover acts through the compilation."

The project was announced this morning, and so is in the early stages of development. Any bands or labels who would like to be included or want more information can get in touch with Adrian via Twitter.