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Another fatal dose of Die Tödliche Doris

Japanese archive specialists digitise the German punk pranksters’ early records

The Japanese label Suezan Studio is about to reissue West Berlin group Die Tödliche Doris’s 1981 debut 12" Sieben Tödliche Unfälle Im Haushalt (Seven Deadly Accidents Around The Household) and 1982 album " ". Originally released by the pioneering Hamburg independent Zickzack, they’re now being made available in CD format for the first time on 28 January, each of them packaged in mini LP card sleeves with an inset including sleevenotes, lyrics and their Japanese translations. The two CDs are part of a five disc reissue programme chronicling the progress of the dada punk art pranksters, whose name puns on the German for deadly or fatal dose (tödliche Dosis). Coming out in March is a mini-CD edition of Die Tödliche Doris’s 1983 box set Chöre Und Soli (Choirs And Solos), the original version of which featured eight 4" records and a tiny record player of the kind used in speaking dolls to play them on, Suezan’s Doris campaign concludes in May with CD versions of 1985’s Unser Debut (Our Debut) and the following year’s Sechs (Six). The latter two were created as a matching set of albums containing equal length tracks. When played simultaneously, in Doris’s scheme of things, an “invisible fifth LP” materialised. Early birds pre-ordering all five CDs at once who’d like to receive a bonus VHS+DVD-R of the film Doris Meets Doris should hurry, as the offer is extremely limited.

Run by Kaoru Koyanagi, Suezan Studio is an archive specialist label with a deep interest in West Germany’s 1980s alternative music scene – its discography so far includes CD reissues of Der Plan, Pyrolator and their Ata Tak label, Materialschlacht, Din A Testbild, Ralf Dörper’s pre-Propaganda output and Arno Steffen, among others.

In other Die Tödliche Doris news, Berlin’s Hybriden-Verlag has published Kostüme (Costumes), founder Wolfgang Müller’s bilingual monograph plus DVD-R documentation of the many costume changes Doris underwent during her seven year lifespan (1980–87) and afterlife as art object. Kostüme is the latest volume in Hybriden-Verlag’s series chronicling Doris’s manifestations in music, film, performance, and more. The book runs to a limited edition of 120 copies housed in a red tote bag adorned with an Ich Bin Die Tödliche Doris! drawing by West German underground film star, fashion icon and sometime Doris member Tabea Blumenschein.