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Luke Fowler & Mark Fell collaboration at Whitechapel Gallery

Luke Fowler and Mark Fell: Computers And Cooperative Music-Making at Whitechapel Gallery, London, until 7 February 2016

The Glasgow based film maker Luke Fowler has collaborated with the Sheffield’s producer-cum-choreographer Mark Fell for an exhibition about computers and music making. Taking place at London's Whitechapel Gallery, the multimedia exhibition uses sound, text and image in order to “examine the development of early computer music languages that have been obscured by more commercially viable options”, says the Whitechapel website. The exhibition looks at how music has been shaped by experimenting with unfamiliar programs and computer coding, and users’ interactions with them.

Last month saw electronic producer Fell make his debut as a choreographer with a new light, sound and performance work Recursive Frame Analysis at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center in Troy, New York.

Fell was featured on the cover of The Wire 377. Computers And Cooperative Music-Making will run at London Whitechapel Gallery until 7 February 2016.