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Memorial event announced for PSF Records’ Hideo Ikeezumi

Masaki Batoh has organised a concert remembering the man whose label championed the Japanese music underground, with proceeds going to his family

A concert commemorating PSF Records founder Hideo Ikeezumi will take place in Tokyo in June. Ikeezumi, who passed away on 27 February, was central to the Japanese underground music scene, releasing more than 200 titles through his PSF label. Releases on PSF helped countless Japanese musicians gain international recognition; and Ikeezumi’s Tokyo based Modern Music record shop was the go-to place to find the most interesting music emerging from the underground.

The event, happening at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe on 25 June, was organised by The Silence’s Masaki Batoh, formerly of Ghost, and all proceeds will go to Ikeezumi's family. Artists confirmed so far include Keiji Haino & Kazuo Imai, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Ché-SHIZU, Masaki Batoh & Kazuo Ogino, Maki Miura & Rei Yokoyama, High Rise guitarist Munehiro Narita, Makoto Kawashima, À Qui Avec Gabriel, Keiko Higuchi & Louis Inage, Hasegawa Shizuo, .es, Reizen and Go Hirano.

A compilation of unreleased tracks by PSF artists was in the process of being compiled at the time of Ikeezumi's death. The project will still go ahead, released by Disk Union/DIW on a date yet to be confirmed.

“We hope that you will look forward in anticipation for this final PSF release, rich with psychedelic rock, acid folk and free music. Ikeezumi-san may have floated free from the bonds of this world, but I am confident that he too will be looking forward to its release. And I pray that we may hear once more his smiling, well-salted criticism of our efforts," declares a joint statement from PSF artists.

Psychedelic Speed Freaks: Hideo Ikeezumi Memorial Concert will take place on 25 June, starting at 3.30pm, at SuperDeluxe, Tokyo. Advance 3000 yen; door 3500 yen (plus drink).

Der Plan return after 25 years

The core line-up of Moritz Reichelt, Kurt Dahlke and Frank Fenstermacher have reunited to record their first album in a quarter of a century

Düsseldorf electronic group Der Plan have reunited after a 25 year hiatus. Co-founders Moritz Reichelt aka Moritz R and Frank Fenstermacher plus longtime member Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator have recorded a new album called Unkapitulierbar for summer release.

Translating as Uncapitulable, the title signals both “continuity and unbrokenness”, say Der Plan. The outfit did reappear in 2003 as Der Plan v4.0 under Moritz R, who recorded Die Verschwörung (2004) with Achim Treu and Fuzzy Love's JJ Jones. They also cropped up as Der Plan v5.0 in the virtual realm of Second Life, where Moritz R aka Mo Eriksen and two new members Popeye 235 Papp and Miss Moni Duettmann performed a surprise gig on Pangaea Island.

But, say Der Plan proper today, they were inspired to get back together after their first actual real world gig in nearly 25 years happened at the 50th birthday celebrations of Andreas Dorau, whose 1981 Neue Deutsche Welle breakthrough hit “Fred Vom Jupiter” was released by Der Plan’s Ata Tak label (as was Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft’s debut album, and music by A Certain Frank, SYPH and Dahlke’s Pyrolator, among others). The reactivated Der Plan recorded Unkapitulierbar in just three weeks at Pyrolator's Ata Tak Studio Berlin. “This time the music was created on the basis of ideas and lyrics,” says Moritz R. “Earlier, we often played improvised sessions and later added lyrics to it. One could say that in the meantime we have become something like songwriters.

“It worked incredibly well,” he concludes.

Listen to Unkapitulierbar’s “Lass Die Katze Stehn”:

Unkapitulierbar will be released by Bureau B on 23 June

Diamanda Galás returns to London Barbican

At her 19 June concert Galás will be performing works from her two new albums

As reported back in January, Diamanda Galás releases two new albums this month: the studio set All The Way, and Concert At Saint Thomas The Apostle Harlem, documenting her New York performance in May 2016.

To mark their arrival, Galás will be performing material from them at London's Barbican centre in June. Featuring works sung in Italian, German, French, Greek and Spanish, the concert promises performances of death poems by Cesare Pavese and Ferdinand Freiligrath, alongside Galás’s interpretations of music by Albert Ayler, Bobby Bradford, Jacques Brel, Lefteris Papadopoulos and Manolis Angelopoulos.

Listen to “O Death” from All The Way:

Tickets are on sale via Serious. Neil Kulkarni reviewed the two new Galás albums in The Wire 398. Subscribers can read that review via Exact Editions.

Win tickets to see Nurse With Wound’s April concert in Berlin

NWW’s first Berlin gig in ten years kicks off a new series of church concerts across the city

Curator and producer Manuela Benetton has announced a new series of events happening at various Berlin churches through the year. Kicking off the series will be Nurse With Wound on 28 April, which, aside from Steven Stapleton's sleep gig back in 2011, falls ten years after the last time NWW played in the city. On this occasion Stapleton will be supported by Colin Potter, Andrew Liles and James Hill.

The following show on 31 May sees the German debut of Merzbow, Balász Pándi and Keiji Haino’s trio, who “promise a bizarre, humorous and disorienting live show” of a kind showcased by their recently released album Untroublesome Defencelessness (Rare Noise Records). The church series continues on 19 September with a collaboration between Pan Daijing, Valerio Tricoli and Werner Dafeldecker, plus a performance by Beatriz Ferreyra. The 2017 series follows last year's concerts featuring Japanese improv collective Marginal Consort at St Elisabeth- Kirche, and Terry Riley with his son Gyan at Zionskirche.

To mark these 2017 shows, we're giving away two sets of two tickets for Nurse With Wound's performance on 28 April. Simply answer the following question:

Steven Stapleton creates the artwork for Nurse With Wound album sleeves under what alias?

Please email your answers (with the subject line: Nurse With Wound) via this link.

Tickets for the Nurse With Wound concert, staged in collaboration with Thirty Three Thirty Three, are available here.

The Radiophonic Workshop releases its first record since 1985

Burials In Several Earths is a brand new work by the BBC's electronic soundtrack architects

The Radiophonic Workshop has finished its first new album since 1985. A series of synthesizer improvisations called Burials In Several Earths, it will be released by their own imprint Room 13. Original members Peter Howell, Roger Limb, Dr Dick Mills and Paddy Kingsland plus long-time associate Mark Ayres worked together on the project.

“The improvisation was done blind – with no preconceptions nor any real start point,” declare the group in a statement announcing the release. “We wanted to see what happened if we allowed people to react together with their machines in a very unplanned and spontaneous way. The computers and sequencers were switched off and it led to a very human interaction between all of us. It is important that we maintained this feeling of spontaneity on the final discs – so minimal editing has taken place. What you hear is what happened in the moment.”

The titles on the album are taken from Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, continuing the Radio Workshop’s link to the book begun by founder member Daphne Oram, who in 1957 framed a section from the novel as a manifesto: “We have also sound-houses, where we practise and demonstrate all sounds, and their generation. We have harmonies which you have not, of quarter-sounds, and lesser slides of sounds”.

The Radiophonic Workshop announcement explains: “The ideas in the novel seemed to fit the work as well as provide an obvious link to the history of the Radiophonic Workshop itself and the infamous Room 13 where the workshop began its work at BBC Maida Vale.

“The section on the wall of Room 13 was there to remind us that when producers complained or people wrote to The Radio Times saying the music was unlistenable that we were trying to design future sounds – it was an experimental space. The section was chosen to be morale booster you might say.”

You can listen to an excerpt from the album below:

Burials In Several Earths also features Human League’s Martyn Ware, producer Steve 'Dub' Jones and The Chemical Brothers. It will be released by Room 13 on 19 May. Pre-orders available now.

Previously unheard Thelonious Monk studio album-cum-soundtrack set for release

In the year of Monk’s centennial, Sam Records/Saga will issue his unreleased soundtrack to Roger Vadim’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960

The previously unavailable Thelonious Monk: Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960 gets its first-time release on this year’s Record Store Day. The mastertape containing his soundtrack to the Roger Vadim film Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960 was discovered a few years ago in a collection of studio sessions. It features solo, trio and quartet performances of classic Monk tunes, as well as Monk works composed for the film.

Recorded at Nola Penthouse Studios in New York City on 27 July 1959, the music features bandmates Charlie Rouse, Sam Jones and Art Taylor, plus French saxophonist Barney Wilen guesting with them.

"In December of 2014 I was visiting Paris and received a very charming introductory email out of the blue from the head of Sam Records, Mr Fred Thomas, explaining that he and his friend, Mr. Francois Le Xuan of Saga Jazz (producer of the acclaimed Jazz In Paris series), had located master tapes of a previously unissued studio session of Thelonious Monk made in 1959 by a French producer (the one and only Marcel Romano: Miles Davis’s Ascenseur Pour L'Échafaud),” recalls the record's producer Zev Feldman. “I was obviously extremely intrigued, and I believe my eyeballs literally left my face upon reading the news. Are you kidding me?! A STUDIO album?!! This was an extraordinary find and I wanted to know more[...]

“Over the next two years,” he continues, “we worked with the Thelonious Monk estate and set out to assemble the cast of voices/words (and photos) to bring together and tell the story of this amazing event in Thelonious Monk's recorded legacy.”

It will be released as a limited edition double LP deluxe box set by Sam Records/Saga on 22 April (Record Store Day), and in CD and download formats on 19 May. It will also include a 50 page booklet with original artwork by Jerome Witz and essays by Robin DG Kelley, Brian Priestley and Alain Tercinet, alongside unpublished photographs and other memorabilia from the original recording session.

Multimedia artist Paul Rooney releases new album

Watch the full-length video for his Futile Exorcise track “Lost High Street”

Multimedia artist Paul Rooney is about to release his first new album since 2000's On The Closed Circuit and his 2007 single “Lucy Over Lancashire”. Called Futile Exorcise, it showcases the short stories, urban myths and more compiled by Rooney through his video, sound and spoken word works, and it includes collaborations with Gregory Cox and Lutine, among others. “I am now going to spend all my time mainly making music for records rather than for gallery spaces,” declares Rooney. “This release has especially written material and material that has previously been made over the last few years for video soundtracks (like “Lost High Street”), or installations, but this material has been thoroughly revamped for the record.

“All of the album tracks have an unstable, absurd revenant narrative within them,” he continues, “whether it is traditional songs about ghosts revisiting lovers/mothers, or my own songs about ghosts playing poker with Satan, haunting toilets or possessing trumpet spit valve saliva. The everyday, and the absurdity of the artistic attempt to fix it in amber, was always a concern with my Rooney songs and my art works, and it still is, though now the everyday world of this new record is an uncanny, haunted one.”

Watch a video for the remix version of “Lost High Street” – a 2008 commission from The Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. It features a tourist video shot from an open-top tour bus in Edinburgh circa 1987, with Rooney narrating a tale of misplaced memories.

Futile Exorcise will be released by Owd Scrat on transparent vinyl and in digital format in April. We originally screened an excerpt of the video back in 2010 and the artist was the subject of a Julian Cowley article in The Wire 311. Subscribers can read that via Exact Editions.

Kickstarter campaign launched to fund Lydia Lunch documentary

The feature-length film will be made by her longtime friend, the film maker Beth B

Beth B is in the process of making a feature length documentary about spoken word artist, writer and performer Lydia Lunch. Called Lydia Lunch: The War Is Never Over, the film will follow her to her hometown Rochester and accompany her on tour, telling her story through interviews with the artist and the people she has worked with.

Beth B has already begun filming, interviewing Lunch at New York's Roxy Hotel. She's also talked to Nicolas Jaar - with whom Lunch collaborated on a spoken word piece, and performance artist Bibbe Hansen.

“I've known and worked with Lydia Lunch since she was 19 and I was 23,” says Beth B. “We grew up in the late 70s New York music/film/art scene and brought our radical visions to the underground where we broke boundaries, both shocking and enticing our audiences with our uncensored music and films. Fast forward to several months ago, as I watched the ever brash and luminous Lydia Lunch performing with her extraordinary band Retrovirus, I realised that I needed to make the definitive documentary.”

Money raised through the crowdfunding campaign will go toward filming Lunch’s forthcoming tour with Retrovirus, and conducting interviews with the likes of Thurston Moore, Donita Sparks and JG Thirlwell, among others. Those who make a pledge can select from a range of rewards including a copy of the film, archival posters, tapes, photos and more, depending on the amount pledged. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $14,645 out of the $50,000 goal with 18 days to go.

Bristol queer platform Thorny teams up with Howling Owl Records

New club night in Bristol aims to create platform for underrepresented voices

Bristol label Howling Owl and queer platform Thorny have joined forces for a new event series called COIL. “We’ve programmed artists thematically around anger, otherness [and] being an outsider in an effort to create a platform for underrepresented voices,” say promoters Jo Bligh and Joe Hatt. The first event will take place on 24 March and feature David Hoyle, Yves Tumor, Klein, Travis Alabanza, Autobitch and Jacob Samuel, plus DJ sets from Almostnotquite, Ms Midas and clubnight Dirty Talk. “This will be the first of a sporadic collaboration between us and Thorny,” confirms Hatt.

COIL will take place at Bristol Brunswick Club, 24 March, 9pm

New Chinese experimental music compilation put together by Yan Jun and Zhu Wenbo

There Is No Music From China is set for release on Noel Meek's End Of The Alphabet label

Wire contributors Yan Jun and Noel Meek have come together to present a new compilation surveying the current state of Chinese experimental music. Compiled by Yan Jun and Zhu Wenbo, There Is No Music From China collects 14 tracks from artists across the country, and is set for release on Meek's End Of The Alphabet label.

Meek writes: "It's a scene that is harried by the Chinese government and struggles in the margins to a degree that's hard to comprehend from the outside – shows cancelled, artists followed by secret police, venues forcibly closed, the fabulously diverse Sino-experimental community know how to keep moving, to improvise, to make do." Artists on the compilation include veteran noise project Torturing Nurse, alongside solo guitar from Mai Mai and minimal improvisation from Jun-Y Ciao, and spans everything from hardcore underground projects to the lofty sound art circles of Beijing and Shanghai. "Somewhere between these two extremes lie the artists on this tape and the tension between makes this music something totally else." The compilation is set for imminent release on End Of The Alphabet.