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Goodbye Wire List

The Wire\'s Yahoo Group shuts up shop

The Yahoo Group set up by Andrew Fleming just over 10 years ago, will soon cease to exist. The email discussion list, which was set up independently and was always completely unafilliated with the magazine itself, was at its peak a vital resource and community for Wire readers who were either searching for hard-to-find releases mentioned in the mag, wishing to discuss the merits of Einstürzende Neubauten, or posting details of their latest avant-electronic bedroom mix. However, the list has in recent times been neglected by most of its members who have instead moved onto other types of online communication and networking. As Andrew puts it \"Most of these types of discussions moved to other kinds of spaces shortly after the great Web 2.0 internet buzzword maelstrom started, but I hesitated to pull the plug prematurely. Now that we\'re at our lowest ebb (fewer than 30 messages per month), it seems appropriate to close up shop.\" You can still view the group here and the list will still be active until the night of Monday 30 June.