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Help Z'EV campaign started following train crash

A fundraising campaign has been started to help the US percussionist Z'EV hospitalised after a train accident

A fund-raising campaign has been started to help US industrial culture pioneer Z’EV pay his hospital bills after he was hurt in a Kansas train accident on 14 March. The metal percussionist and poet was returning from a gig in New Mexico when the train he was travelling on derailed just before midnight. The crash left Z’EV with serious chest injuries. At the time of writing he is in hospital in Amarillo, Texas.

“Finally got to Z'EV's bedside this morning,” his friend Barbara Barg reported on the campaign site. “He's completely off the ventilator. He has five broken ribs (I thought it was four before) and a punctured lung. It will be six months to a year before he can do gigs again, because he won't be able to lift and use his drummer arms till the ribs are healed.

“I set up my computer and he was able to scroll through the great messages from people,” she added. “He was blown away with the outpouring of love and generosity. We're keeping this campaign going, because he's going to need a lot of assistance in the next six months, and he has not insurance. Thank you all so much.”

Donations can be sent through the website.


Please accept my small donation and/or as payment for the London Fields WetSounds event. Get well soon.


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