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Der Plan return after 25 years

The core line-up of Moritz Reichelt, Kurt Dahlke and Frank Fenstermacher have reunited to record their first album in a quarter of a century

Düsseldorf electronic group Der Plan have reunited after a 25 year hiatus. Co-founders Moritz Reichelt aka Moritz R and Frank Fenstermacher plus longtime member Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator have recorded a new album called Unkapitulierbar for summer release.

Translating as Uncapitulable, the title signals both “continuity and unbrokenness”, say Der Plan. The outfit did reappear in 2003 as Der Plan v4.0 under Moritz R, who recorded Die Verschwörung (2004) with Achim Treu and Fuzzy Love's JJ Jones. They also cropped up as Der Plan v5.0 in the virtual realm of Second Life, where Moritz R aka Mo Eriksen and two new members Popeye 235 Papp and Miss Moni Duettmann performed a surprise gig on Pangaea Island.

But, say Der Plan proper today, they were inspired to get back together after their first actual real world gig in nearly 25 years happened at the 50th birthday celebrations of Andreas Dorau, whose 1981 Neue Deutsche Welle breakthrough hit “Fred Vom Jupiter” was released by Der Plan’s Ata Tak label (as was Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft’s debut album, and music by A Certain Frank, SYPH and Dahlke’s Pyrolator, among others). The reactivated Der Plan recorded Unkapitulierbar in just three weeks at Pyrolator's Ata Tak Studio Berlin. “This time the music was created on the basis of ideas and lyrics,” says Moritz R. “Earlier, we often played improvised sessions and later added lyrics to it. One could say that in the meantime we have become something like songwriters.

“It worked incredibly well,” he concludes.

Listen to Unkapitulierbar’s “Lass Die Katze Stehn”:

Unkapitulierbar will be released by Bureau B on 23 June