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Goodiepal and Xiotron split cassette distributed via Norwegian mountaintop

"What I'm aiming for is to make a musical artefact that will unite the hiking experience, the scenery and the music," says Norwegian musician Trond Jervell. In line with this ambition, Jervell is is distributing his next release (a split cassette with an artist used to doing things the unusual way – Goodiepal) via Norwegian mountaintop.

Jervell contacted Goodiepal last year and asked if he would like to participate. "He was very positive," says Jervell, "and sent me a musical piece called "Acid Op I Det Fjæl Der!", which roughly translates to: "Acid Up In That Mountain There!"

Jervell arrived on the idea while walking in the mountains of Lofoten last autumn. "I was thinking of a way to unite the physical feeling of the walk, the emotional experience of the sights/view with a musical counterpart," he says. The solution was simple: make music inspired by the walks and give them away for free via the mountaintop mailboxes. He chose tapes because they fit in the boxes, and that they are harder to rip MP3s from, anchoring the release more firmly to the mountaintop.

Jervell will be tweeting the name of the mountain when he drops them off, leaving a walkman with the cassettes so they can be listened to in situ. "If everything goes according to plan, there will be a Walkman on at least two mountaintops around the archipelago of Lotofen," he says. "Hopefully someone will take the time to listen to the pieces in their right, natural enviroment."

Goodiepal's piece fills side A, and the B side includes a piece by Jervell as Xiotron, plus a description of how to reach the top of the Ristinden mountain, narrated by a local called Esben.

100 copies of the tape have been printed, and the first five were dropped in a mailbox on Offersøykammen on the western edge of Vestvågøya on 6 June. For more scenery, or details of where to get yours if you happen to be in the vicinity of one of the Norwegian mountains in question, follow @_L2XK on Twitter.