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Funkadelic – Reworked By Detroiters out next month

The series on Westbound Records features remixes by Underground Resistance, Moodymann, Amp Fiddler, Marcellus Pittman, Ectomorph and others

A compilation of Funkadelic tracks reimagined and reinterpreted by a collection of Detroit producers is set to be released on Westbound Records next month. The reworks come from the likes of Marcellus Pittman, Moodymann, Gay Marvine, Underground Resistance, Amp Fiddler, Kenny Dixon Jr and others, with the release featuring tracks such as “Sexy Ways”, “Get Off Your Ass And Jam”, “Cosmic Slop”, “Let's Take It To The Stage”, “Maggot Brain” and many more.

“Funkadelic have created an enduring legacy, and the power of their impact is visceral in Detroit.” says Brendan M Gillen, the compilation's curator. “The music itself is beyond stereotype, but equally huge is that they were a black band not allowing themselves to be limited by anyone else’s notions of who they could be, having a massive impact on the next generation of Detroit music, Detroit techno. But more than just techno, it is a freedom of thinking that extends beyond boxes, so we included all sorts of today's generation of Detroit musicians and producers to show the wide range of music that was Funkadelic and how these ideas are still contemporary, they endure and inspire.”

He continues, “We are overwhelmed with how serious the remixers took this project, turning in some of their best work. “Sloppy Cosmic” by Moodymann came about because of this compilation, and that is simply one of the finest odes to the Funkateer generation ever seen, and one of his finest works, here in its purest form.”

Listen to Moodyman mix of Funkadelic's “Cosmic Slop”

Funkadelic – Reworked By Detroiters will be released on 27 October. Plus, on 22 September a 12" of “Cosmic Slop”/”Let's Make It Last”, featuring Moodymann/KDJ reworks will also be release. Pre-orders available via Ace Records.