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Klein to perform a new musical at London's New Music Biennial

The South London musician has penned a musical as her response to a request to open up for Darkstar

Klein has written what has been described as a musical for her set for this year's New Music Biennial in London. Happening on 7 July, the piece is a brand new work and will take place as an opener to production duo Darkstar's piece. It will be performed in The Ballroom space at the South Bank Centre, a space which Klein said inspired her to do something special for the show.

“Essentially I have always wanted to do a musical. Most of my stuff, the music I make stems from that kind of element,” explains the producer who has worked with the likes of Howling Owl, NON and film maker Crackstevens.

“I have actually been working on it for a month and a bit, like fully fully, and then the songs [featured in the musical] I have been working on for 3–4 months. I got in a few of my friends who work in music and friends I have that are also still in college or university and probably haven't had the opportunity to do something like this before and kind of take them out of their comfort zone as well.”

"The musical is going to pretty cool...” she continues. “We reference a scene from You Got Served which is like an amazing movie and there's elements of West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet but thrown into 21st century, High School vibes! So it is essentially a coming-of-age,” she confirms.

Klein is the only person to be singing during the performance, also referring to it as a “one-woman show with my friends as accompanying dancers.”

The performance will come before a special piece composed by Darkstar and performed by organist James Mcvinnie. Called Dance Unity, it is inspired by the Dance Unity raves that took place during the 1990s in the UK city of Hull.

Watch Klein's single Marks Of Worship. Film by Crackstevens aka Akinola Davies Jr

London New Music Biennial will take place at the South Bank Centre from 7–9 July.