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Jennifer Walshe starts transient text score messaging project

Jennifer Walshe's Milker Corporation has started a text score service, Thmotes, via photo messaging application Snapchat. Every day or two you'll get delivered a message containing an image and text, for you to do with what you will.

Once opened the messages are accessible for a few seconds before disappearing into the ether. To join in, download Snapchat, add Milker Corporation (search for milker_corp) to your contact list and you'll receive text scores a few times a week.


A message to Jennifer Walshe:
I have been trying to contact you over the past three or four days, without feedback via email. I am interested in your score "16 Haikus" based on the poetry of Shiki. I have just finished reading his poetry collection and am always fascinated by music based on Japanese poetry. So look forward to hearing from you very, very soon. If I need to purchase this score, please tell me where it's sold and for how much.

Further to my email dated 01/05/14. I am happy to look at the score "16 Haikus", even in handwritten form [legible enough for me to understand]. This score is of utmost importance to me, as stated in my previous message. If there is a link to it, or perhaps it's still unpublished, etc., I'd appreciate it if you could allow me access to it.

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