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Collection of works by Pauline Anna Strom to be released this November

RVNG Intl compile hallucinatory synthesizer works composed by the Bay Area musician between 1982–1988

This November RVNG Intl is set to publish a collection of otherworldly synthesizer works by Pauline Anna Strom. Titled Trans-Millenia Music the compilation brings together over 80 minutes of music made between 1982–1988 and is described by the label as “a collection of transportive synthesizer music providing listeners a vessel to break beyond temporal limits into a world of pulsing, mercurial tonalities and charged, embryonic waveforms.”

Raised in Louisiana and Kentucky, Strom was born blind. She would later move to the Bay Area where a childhood interest in the piano would be reignited by the synthesizer, as she developed her work at the beginning of San Francisco’s new age and ambient scenes. Inspired by the likes of Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream, she purchased a Tascam four-track recorder and synthesizers including the Yamaha DX7, TX816 and the CS-10 and in 1982 would release Trans-Millenia Consort on Ether Ship Records.

For this release, RVNG has selected works from three LPs and four self-released cassette tapes. It features sleevenotes by The Wire contributor Britt Brown and will be released on 10 November. It can be ordered via Bandcamp.

Listen to the theatrical “Energies”. Video directed by Georgia.