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Berlin’s 3hd Festival returns in October

“There is nothing left but the Future?” is the theme of 3hd Festival’s second edition, announce Berlin based organisers Creamcake

The second instalment of 3hd festival will take place at various venues in Berlin between 11–15 October. It will also feature an extensive online presence, marking it as “a new breed of hybrid festival, looking at music, performance, and visual art to ask deeper questions about politics, community, economic uncertainty, and communication”. With this year’s theme asking the question “There is nothing but the future?”, the festival aims to go against what it sees as a trend towards futuristic prophecies. Instead it focuses on “potential solutions for addressing the problems of the present”.

Creamcake’s Daniela Seitz and Anja Weigl announce that the line-up confirmed so far includes Wire contributor Adam Harper (whose essay on “violent freedoms and violent oppressions” in Beethoven’s Ode To Joy via Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is already online), AGF, Aïsha Devi featuring Emile Barret, Claire Tolan, DIY Church, DJ NJ Drone, DJ Paypal, 食品まつり aka Foodman, Inga Copeland/Lolina, Kara­Lis Coverdale, Lisa Blanning, Soda Plains featuring Negroma, ssaliva, Uniiqu3 and many more. The Wire's Deputy Editor Emily Bick will also be there hosting panel talks, details TBC.

3hd takes place between 11-15 October at various venues in Berlin. Tickets are on sale now.